Promising PR Programs in Canada - 2023

This post talks about some of the most promising PR Programs in Canada.

Especially if you have less than 1 year left on your work permit, and certainly if you have 6 months or less, these programs are very good.

This table shows a summary of these program requirements. Links to these programs have been provided at the end of this blog post.

Links to these programs:

Atlantic Immigration Program:

Rural Northern Immigration Program:

Alberta Rural Renewal Stream:


  1. To be eligible to apply for Canada PR Visa through Express Entry program, you have to score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 in the FSWP point assessment grid. In the 67 points system, points are awarded based on your credentials like age, work experience, language proficiency, etc. Canada 67 points calculator will help you calculate your Canada PR Visa points based on the answers you give to the questions asked.


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