Visitor Visa - Support Letter from MP

Often times it is hard to convince IRCC to issue a visitor visa to your loved ones. No matter how hard you try, visa is refused. One ray of hope can be a support letter from your local MP.

Here we share a template of such a support letter for your visitor visa applications.

Visitor Visa Support Letter from MP

When obtaining a support letter from your local MP, it is best to do the following:

  1. Approach the MP office and explain your situation. Ask if they could support your case.

  2. Provide your MP with all the details of the case. Who are you inviting, why do they want to come to Canada, and how will they support themselves in Canada?

  3. Mention details about their occupation back home, their professional and financial establishment, and how they are well settled back home.

  4. Provide details about their family ties back home. These factors make a stronger case for you to return back after your trip.

  5. How is the applicant involved in the community back in their home country? Outside of profession, do they have other involvement - religious, cultural, etc?

  6. Mention any other information that would help make a case for temporary intent of the applicant.

  7. Details about you and your occupation in Canada and how you would be able to support the applicant during their stay in Canada.

Below, you can find a template for a Support Letter from the MP. This template can be modified and moulded based on the case and your personal situation.


Dear Visa Officer,

We are writing to you on behalf of “Constituent Name” of the Federal Riding of “Riding Name”. “Constituent Name” has expressed a desire to have his/her “Relation”, “Applicant Name” come to Canada for a visit.

When rendering a decision, the visa officer considers several factors. I would like to highlight that the applicant has every intention to return to India after his visit with his “family/relative” to resume his employment obligations in order to provide for his family.

He/she would like to utilise his vacation days in Canada with his “relative/family” who lives in Canada in “City, Province”. “Relative” works as a “Job Title” at “Name of Employer” in “City”.

“Applicant” currently resides in “City, Country” where he has a well established career as a “Occupation”. Applicant has “List Family members e.g. spouse, son, daughter, mother, father, etc.” in India who he lives with and provides for.

Since “Year”, “Applicant” has been working as a “Job Title” at “Employer”. During “Applicant’s” time at this company, the company has grown from “Provide some metric showcasing applicant’s employment with the employer and its impact”. It is our understanding that “Applicant” has provided documentation to demonstrate that his income and asset portfolio is more than sufficient to support his visit to Canada.

I would also like to highlight that “Applicant’s” commitment to his profession, fellow colleagues, and his community in India extends far beyond his daily duties and responsibilities. “Applicant’s” colleagues and peers regard him as hardworking, diligent, and an incredible asset to the organisation and his community.

While “Applicant” has been very passionate about his profession and caring and supportive of his family, he has not seen his “Relation” in over “No. of years since applicant and inviter last met” years. This visit would provide “Applicant” an opportunity to spend time with his “Relation” and his “Relation” would also benefit from having some family around after such a long time.

Though we cannot guarantee the outcome of the application, we trust that the Officer will consider all documents presented in the application, when rendering a decision. This office would like to offer this letter of Support to “Applicant” as he approaches your office to apply for a temporary resident visa.