All you need to know about Alberta Rural Renewal Stream

Do you wish to relocate to a much small & peaceful City in Canada? Do you fear that getting a PR will be an issue in these small cities? Or maybe you already have a Job letter but you fear that since the Company is based in a Rural area acquiring a PR for you will be troublesome. Fear not as all your queries have a solution called the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program Rural Renewal Stream launched by the Government of Alberta.

With the aim to attract and retain Foreign Candidates to the Rural part of Alberta, this stream was introduced. The stream empowers rural communities to recruit and retain foreign nationals to live, work and settle in their communities. The Alberta Rural Renewal Stream constitutes a component of the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP). This Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) enables individuals holding a job offer from a community designated by Alberta to pursue Canadian permanent residency via the AAIP route.

Basically, this stream helps local economic development whilst being a route for the Foreign candidate to take via the Alberta Immigration Program and acquire a Permanent Residence status. Thus being a win-win scenario for both.

The eligibility under this route depends on a number of factors like

Is your preferred City (Community ) part of the Alberta Rural Renewal Stream?
This stream requires a community (city) to apply to the Government of Alberta for community designation. At present, there are 27 designated communities.

Is the Company hiring eligible? Every Community reserves the right to frame its own rules on which Company shall be eligible under this stream. Hence it is always better to check out the Economic Development Website of the Community the candidate wishes to relocate to be aware of the same.

Pro tip
Kindly, note also check out the Application Form for the employers as the city has the updated list of Company eligibility on it than the website.

Is the Hiring company applied under this Scheme? Every company whose place of business is based in the Designated Community has to manually apply for the same to be able to endorse candidates under this route. This can be done by checking the Economic Development website and following the instruction therein by the Employer.

Is the Job Profile Eligible? Apart from the specifics laid by the Alberta Rural Renewal Scheme, each Designated Community has its own set of rules related to the Job description of the Individuals being hired under this route.
Thus it's again crucial to check out the Economic Development website of the Community.

What happens when the eligibility criteria are met?

Once all the eligibility criteria are met the Employer will apply for a letter of endorsement on the candidate's behalf, and the same will be issued directly to the Candidate.

Along with the Job Offer and a Letter of Endorsement, the Candidate will have to apply for the letter of Support under 204 C.

These 3 important Documents namely the Job offer, Letter of Endorsement, and Letter of Support will enable the Candidate to receive a nomination under the Alberta Immigration Program. Once this is successfully done the Candidate can approach the IRCC for acquiring their Permanent Residence.

I hope we covered all the general details with regard to Alberta Rural Renewal Stream.

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